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Step 1 - The Pledge of Performance

The Trusted Choice® Pledge of Performance is not just random words on a page.  It's a way to communicate your agency culture with your staff, your carriers and your customers. It is a strong message of service that will differentiate you from direct writers and captives.  

So what do I do with this Pledge?

Share it with your employees

Use it as a topic for your staff meeting. Ask your employees what they think of it.  Do you do everything that is in the pledge? If not, can you do it?  Employee understanding and "buy in" is important to keep the message active and meaningful.

Share it with your carriers

When those marketing reps come by, print and share a copy with them.  Let them know that you are starting your process of co-branding with Trusted Choice®.  Many carriers are vested in the Trusted Choice® initiative. 

Share it with your customers - over and over and over again

Put it on your website, link it in your email signature, print it and stuff it into whatever is going out to customers.  Remember, repetition is the key with any marketing initiative.  

Where do I get the Pledge?

Right here!  Want it customized version for your agency? Email with your agency name and logo and we will get it done.

Develop a Marketing Plan

To build consistency and repetition, it's important to document what you are plannign to do, how you plan on doing it and when you are planning to do it. Get your staff involved, ask them about to give input and have them help in the implementation. 

Below is a sample plan to get you started.  Modify this sample in any way you want to meet the level of documentation you want to document.  We will build on this sample plan as we continue to learn about Trusted Choice®, so start now in developing your plan, so you can build upon it in the weeks to come.

Download the sample marketing plan