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Step 2 - Use of Trusted Choice® Logos

Hopefully you have completed Step 1 - understanding and using the Trusted Choice® Pledge of Performance.  If not, click here.   Now, onto Step 2 - using the Trusted Choice® Logos.  


Getting the Trust Choice® Logos

You know how important a logo is, you have one for your agency, right?  Well, now it's time to tie your brand to the Trusted Choice® Brand visually, by incorporating the Trusted Choice® Logos everywhere your agency logo appears.  There are several ways to do this.  like the example below, you can combine the Trusted Choice® logo with your agency logo.  If that's not in your wheelhouse, consider a consistent placement for the Trusted Choice® logo (i.e. left side footer of any marketing).  

Whatever you decide, be sure to document and communicate this with your staff via the marketing plan you are developing (see bottom of the page for the marketing plan from Step 1 updated to include this step).

Get the Trusted Choice® Logos here


 Sample Trusted Choice® Logos

​Vertical Logo
​Horizontal Logo
​Horzontal Logo with Tagline
​Sample Agency and Trusted Choice Logo
horizontal-blue-back-on-transparent (1).pngLG tagline-black-blue-on-transparent.pngsampleagencytc.PNGNeed help developing a combined logo?  contact for assistance.

How to use the Trusted Choice® Logo

As with any logos, Trusted Choice® has guidelines on the use of the logo.  While these guidelines sometimes may feel cumbersome, keep in mind that the Trusted Choice® brand has to be used consistently throughout the nation to build a strong identity. The guidelines give you specific instructions on how to incorporate the Trusted Choice® Logo with your agency logo, so review them carefully and be sure to distribute to your staff.

Download the Trusted Choice® Brand Guidelines


Where to use the Trust Choice® Logo

Below are some samples of where you can incorporate the Trusted Choice® logo, use it liberally right alongside your agency logo:

  • Email Signatures

  • Letterhead

  • Business Cards

  • Website

  • Printed Advertisements

  • Agency Brochures

  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)


Don't forget to Update Your Marketing Plan!

As outlined in Step 1 - documenting each step of your marketing plan is  very important, it keeps you and your staff on track!  It serves as a guide for staff and a constant tool to insure that there is consistency in your marketing efforts.  It can also serve as the basis for your marketing production plan, which will become more evident in future steps in this process.

 Download the expanded sample marketing plan