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Getting E&O Coverage has never been easy, but at MWAIIA we are working to change that.  

Quoting is simple, we can quote from your most recent E&O application so you don't have to complete ANOTHER lengthy application to get a quote

Many of our policyholders enjoy the benefit of automatic renewal with no application!  

And the coverage we offer is just what you are looking for - stable rates and a long term market you can rely on to protect your greatest asset- Your business. 

We provide you with the security of knowing that you are getting the best overall E&O value in the marketplace- Not just a policy but a comprehensive program.  We are familiar coverage, legal issues and claims problems associated with this coverage.  Our primary responsibility is to fulfill your needs by delivering excellent service, outstanding guidance, and innovative insurance solutions. 

​Have we peaked your interest?

Contact Barb Wise at MWAIIA for a quote.  For email, use or by phone call 202-516-8181.​

Having your E&O with MWAIIA is more than just a policy

We offer you a host of tools and resources to help save you money and PREVENT E&O claims!

Loss Control Seminars

You may qualify for a premium reduction if their staff attend designated E&O seminar.  Successful completion of the course may provide you a 10% credit for each successive loss free year. A percentage of agency staff by position is required to attend the course. View agence staff class attendence requirements here:  

Loss Control Audit

Improve your agency operations and receive a 10% credit for 5 years by having an E&O audit performed by a professional skilled in the process. 

Loss Control Website

Big I members and  whose E&O is written by SwissRe, have unlimited access to a comprehensive risk managment website, E&O Happens.  The site contains  recommended procedures, sample documents, client letters, agency self assessments and loss control articles, all pertinent to today's agency operations.  

Virtual Risk Consultant 

For a small annual fee, agency staff members have access to a valuable customer service tool which helps agencies better assess risk for 650 classes of business and personal lines.  Annual cost per agency begins at $250 for agencies with a staff of 15 or less. 

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For over 25 years the Big "I" Professional Liability program underwritten by Westport Insurance Company, a member of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions (rated A+ Superior by AM Best) has been the premier choice of IIABA member agents for insurance agents and brokers insurance.  


Why Swiss RE?

  • Exclusive loss prevention resources including: risk managment website, E&O Happens - their risk management newsletter, E&O Claims Advisor, and E&O self audit guide.
  • An exclusive policy form and premium credits filed on a Risk Purchasing Group basis giving Big 'I' members tailored coverage.
  • A dedicated claims staff focusing solely on defending insurance agents E&O claims. (70% of claims personnel are attorneys.)

Policy Features and Benefits

  • Coverage for the sale of both Property/Casualty and Life/Health insurance
  • Available limits of liability up to $20 million
  • Broad definition of covered professional services and activities
  • Comprehensive definition of who is an insured
  • Aggregate and loss only deductible options
  • Defense costs outside the limits
  • Full prior acts available
  • Coverage for puntitive damages where available by state
  • Multiple extended reporting period options
  • True worldwide protection
  • 1st Party Personal Data Breach (cyber) $25,000 per policy period when qualified
  • 3rd Party Personal Data Breach (cyber) $1,000,000 sublimit when qualified
  • Deductible reduction up to $12,500 per claim for qualified risk management activities

Applications and Supplements

WIC-1107 1113 New Business and Renewal Application.pdfWIC-1107 1113 New Business and Renewal Application.pdfSP 4 607 0909 Life and Health Supplement.pdfSP 4 607 0909 Life and Health Supplement.pdf

SP 3 215 0404 Additional Entity Supplement.pdfSP 3 215 0404 Additional Entity Supplement.pdf   SP 4 904 0610 Ins vs Ins Supplement.pdfSP 4 904 0610 Ins vs Ins Supplement.pdf

SP 3 220 Acquisitions and Mergers Supp.pdfSP 3 220 Acquisitions and Mergers Supp.pdfSP 3 235 0610 Mutual Funds InvestmentsSupplement.pdfSP 3 235 0610 Mutual Funds InvestmentsSupplement.pdf

SP 6 223 0610 Fillable Claims Supplement.dotxSP 6 223 0610 Fillable Claims Supplement.dotx







Fireman's Fund is an industry leader in providing liability coverage for agents and brokers against errors and omissions (E&O). With more than 25 years of experience, Fireman’s Fund is the second largest writer of Agents E&O coverage in the country.
Why Fireman’s Fund?
  • Long-standing market player in Agent's E&O
  • Rated A Excellent by A. M. Best and written on admitted paper
  • Dedicated claims staff focused exclusivley on insurance E&O claims
  • Broad coverage tailored to insurance agencies.
Features and Benefits
  • State of the art coverage form
  • Coverage for the sale of both P&C and L&H
  • $10,000/$30,000 catastrophe claims extra expense included with no additional premium charge
  • $35,000 regulatory investigation defense expense coverage per policy
  • Up to 60 days after end of policy period to report claims and purchase extended reporting provision
  • $500 per day supplementary payments for expenses incurred in aiding the defense of any claim
  • Expert witness testimony covered
  • Protection when you train, manage, or supervise a client in the selling of insurance products
  • Immediate predecessor firm coverage
  • Aggregate deductible applies
  • Broad definition of 'who is an insured'
  • Broad definition of covered professional services and activities, including available first dollar defense and policy limits available up to $10 million
  • Retroactive coverage and extended reporting periods offered
  • Choice of three endorsements for sal of financial services products
  • Market quality insolvency coverage
  • Three tiered employment practices liability offered by endorsement


Applications and Supplements

  App -FF new renewal 40924-5-13prf7.pdfApp -FF new renewal 40924-5-13prf7.pdf  Claim Supplemental FF 40924-b-1-13.pdfClaim Supplemental FF 40924-b-1-13.pdf

FFIC Additional Entity Supplement.pdfFFIC Additional Entity Supplement.pdf


In circumstances when an account does not fall within the guidelines of Swiss Re/Westport or Fireman's Fund, we have access to Excess and Surplus Lines markets with a variety of carriers underwriting unique E&O risks.

A commercial umbrella policy underwritten by Swiss Re (rated A+ Superior by AM Best) is available exclusively to MWAIIA members.  The policy has been designed in collaboration with IIABA to meet the needs of independent agents.  Board coverage over primary lines including E&O is provided.  Limits up to $10 million over the underlying policies are available.  The coverage can also be written over a variety of E&O carriers.

 SP 4 373 0908 Umbrella Application.pdfSP 4 373 0908 Umbrella Application.pdf       SP 4 224 0408 Umbrella Application Supplement.docSP 4 224 0408 Umbrella Application Supplement.doc