Project CAP

Consumers are visiting in record numbers every month.
  • Over 183,000 visitors per month
  • An average of 3,000 leads per month are delivered to Trusted Choice agencies with a conversion ratio of 50%! (And 2/3 of those leads are going to Advantage Plan agencies.)
  • Nearly 20 carriers are actively quoting on the site with over 20 more in queue

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Trusted Choice agencies can choose between two plans for their profiles.

Advantage Plan Includes:

  • An advanced agency profile including agency logo, agency name, description, lines of business, carriers, testimonials, hours of operation, social links, staff and more
  • Premium positioning in search results-advantage subscribers appear first in search results in geographical order.
  • Listing in both "Find and Agent" and "Get a Quote" search results.
  • Immediate email notification when a prospect selects your agency.
  • Access to an online prospect center with your agency's prospect information.
  • Unlimited leads

      Fees:  $49 per month.  No per lead fee            Subscribe Now!   

      Members may subscribe or cancel their subscription to the Advantage Plan at any time.

 Basic Plan Includes:

  • Basic agency profile:  agency name, address and phone number.
  • Default positioning in search results- basic subscribers appear aftger advantage subscribers in search results in geographic order.
  • Listing in "Find an Agent" search results only. 

The Basic Plan is free for all Trusted Choice agents.  If you do not subscribe to the Advantage Plan, your agency will automatically default to the Basic plan.




Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are questions commonly asked about and the new profiles. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact Diane Voit at

What is the cost per lead?
There is no cost per lead any longer. That payment model proved unbeneficial for member agencies. Instead, there is a monthly subscription for agencies that opt to participate in the Advantage Plan, which offers agencies unlimited leads as well as many additional benefits. Agencies that do not opt to participate in the Advantage Plan receive a Basic Listing.

Why can't I find my agency when I search under our zip code?
Chances are that your agency has not signed up for the Advantage Plan. Advantage Plan subscribers receive premium positioning in search results and will appear first. After these profiles, agencies with a Basic Listing will appear in geographic order. You may need to scroll through a few pages to find your Basic Listing.
Internet leads typically are not of good quality. How is this site any different?
People using are individuals who are actively seeking insurance information. 76% of prospects using the site are over 30 years old, 50% are married, and 1/3 of vehicles quoted are valued over $30,000.
Is anyone actually writing policies from these leads?
Yes! Members across the country are writing new policies every day. In fact, there is a 50% conversion ratio for leads. It's worth considering that 2/3 of all leads are choosing Advantage Plan subscribers.
How do I know it's going to work?
You don't...until you try it. For only under $2/day, your agency will receive a digital marketing program that is far more robust than a yellow pages ad. The Advantage Plan gives members the power to showcase their agency in the best way possible on a site exclusively targeting residents who are actively seeking insurance. Even if a prospect does not elect to contact your agency through the site, they may visit your website, Facebook page, or Google your agency to read what others are saying. Having a strong branding presence with your enhanced profile will get your agency in front of site visitors.