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Crop Update

June 28, 2018

​​The U.S. House passed a Farm Bill last week. IIABA successfully fought and protected cuts to the crop insurance program in that chamber. This week attention has turned to the U.S. Senate, which is currently considering S. 3042, the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. While S. 3042 as it was reported out of committee is supportive of the crop insurance program, IIABA anticipates a number of amendments to be debated this week that will seek to 1) limit participation in crop insurance, 2) make insurance more expensive for farmers, or 3) harm private-sector delivery. 

​IIABA has held a number of meetings in the Senate and are working with the DC Crop Insurance Coalition to oppose any amendments that would harm the crop insurance program. The IIABA is launching targeted grassroots on a number of U.S. Senators that the Big “I" and other coalition groups have identified as swing votes on the crop insurance issue.